Ab Fab Ladies night 3rd of July 2016

Well daaaahling sweeeeeties, we hope that everyone enjoyed the Ab Fab ladies’ night…despite the waiters being a little coy and keeping their clothes on!!!

We have had very positive feedback, particularly regarding the wonderful dance troupe Ruby Red what fun they are, certainly very entertaining.

One thing that was apparent was how sociable and friendly everyone was with each other, it was so exciting to see everyone seemingly enjoy themselves.  The evening started with a tombola, where prizes were very kindly donated by local business and high street chains, and we thank them for their kind contributions. Deli 1, catered for the event with beautiful canapes and a glass of bubbly.  The Ruby Red dancers certainly amused the audience, with their excellent routine and confidence on the stage.  By now everyone was in the mood for the film to start, and when it did we certainly enjoyed it.  But these ladies is what Going Together is all about, ladies having fun and enjoying each other’s company, no frills no agenda, just giving ladies the chance to do something different, and get themselves out and about.

We would like to thank everyone who went to the event, £2,200 was raised for Yorkshire Cancer Research including £84 from the raffle. 


Ruby Red Dance classes

Following the Ab Fabs Ladies night brilliant performance by the wonderful dance troupe Ruby Red, many of our members, possibly in the heat of the moment, have said they would love to get involved with similar sort of dance classes…. Be careful what you wish for, as Going Together have got details of their dance classes and are looking into setting up classes in Beverley. 

We just need an idea of how many members would actually be interested?  You don’t have to know the difference between a twerk and a tango, you have just got to want to do it. It’s about fun not ability, so if you are seriously interested please let us know by contacting us at admin@goingtogether.co.uk.


 Cinema nights

Starting next month Going Together will have regular monthly evenings at the cinema, followed by drinks at the Riva Lounge.  Check out our site or Facebook page for details.


Regular meetups

 Going Together are looking to meet with members on a regular monthly basis, we hope that you can join us. The Rose and Crown has been suggested as a venue as there are parking facilities. Please advise if you if you want to come along.   The first meetup will be on the 5th August 2016 at 11.30am, and we aim to then meet on the first Friday of each month.  A Going Together team member will be there to greet you.  Whether you want a cuppa and a cake or fancy lunch it is entirely up to you, it will be so nice to meet up with our members and discuss upcoming events.  So we hope you can make it.


Evening meal meetup

Going Together are looking for ideas for our next evening meal.  Following a brilliant, hugely entertaining and fun evening at Roots, we can’t wait for our next one.  We are looking for ideas where to go next.  We would welcome your suggestions and look forward to receiving your ideas on further events.


Competition Winner

Congratulations to Going Together member Alison Ellis who won the fantastic prize of a Dermabrasion Facial with Holderness Laser clinic, worth £60, we truly hope she enjoys the treatment