Alison, Kate & Maggie


Meetup at the Rose and Crown Beverley Friday 5th August 2016.

The Going Together team are arranging regular meetups for lunch the first Friday in the month at the Rose & Crown from 11.30. It’s on an informal basis whether you fancy a coffee or glass of wine, want to dine or not, it is entirely up to you.  Hope you can make it…    will be great to meet up with old and new members.

Please advise if you would like to go, just so we have an idea who to look out for and meet with anyone nervous at coming alone.    Contact us on , face book or telephone 07807423166.  No problem though if you just want to pop in.

Look forward to seeing you there. 


 Facebook Page and Account

 Some members who are on Facebook will realise that we have a Going Together Page, which we use to advise of up and coming events and meet ups, but we cannot communicate directly with our members via this page so we have created a new Facebook account so we can keep you up to date of what’s happening and liaise with you regarding queries you may have. For all we have tried to “friend” members who are on Facebook we know there are probably some we have missed. Please send a friend request to Maggie Goingtogether that way we can keep you informed of all that is going on… cheers ladies.

Also please keep liking topics and sharing our Going Together page as the stats are important to us.

Many thanks


Beverley Breezers ladies only cycling Groups 

 Any members looking for a cycling activity it's a great way  to meet new people and get fit at the same time. Going  Together member Brenda has notified us of a new cycling  group that meets in Beverley. The group is part of the Sky  Ride Cycling Network called Breeze - a women only group -  an initiative to get more women cycling. Check out their  website which also shows various local cycling routes. The Breeze Network started some 5 years ago and they rolled it out in many towns - introducing Beverley to it 4 weeks ago called 'Beverley Breezers'. The rides are for all ages and abilities - cycling about 4 miles at the moment and will build up over time. A Breeze Champion leads the group (they are very knowledgeable about bikes, safety and the local area) - makes you feel confident and at ease. The group meet at the front of the Leisure Centre at 6pm on Mondays.  Also another women only cycling group,led by Maxine Phillips-Smith runs on Fridays 7pm from Market Cross. About 4 miles and easy going. There are other opportunities to go out during the week and at weekends. Some of these rides are longer. Tea room or pub stop. Certainly sounds like fun, any members fancy giving it go? Fitness, fun and friendship what more encouragement do you need?... oh yes and a stop off at the pub!!! 


Ruby Red Dance Classes

Alison has been in touch with Ruby Red who are keen to set up dance classes for us, how exciting ladies, we are sourcing venue and awaiting availability so watch out for when it starts, can’t wait!! Anyone who has not advised that they would like to join please advise us at so you don’t miss out. 


Evening meal meetup

Going Together are still looking for ideas for our next evening meal. Suggestions of Thai or Japanese cuisine has been suggested we just need an idea when and who would like to join us.  


East Riding College

Sadly the longer days will soon be replaced with dark nights and our thoughts turn to new ways of entertaining ourselves. We realise that many entertain themselves by attending night classes whether it is academic or just pleasure we know that the East Riding College may have something to interest you and they have offered to help our members find the course they may require. Check out their website to see what they have on offer

 If you fancy doing something and are looking for someone to go with, please contact the Going Together site and hopefully we can help you. 


Going Together website revamp

When the Going Together website was being developed we tried to make the site into what we felt members would want from a socially interactive site. We realise that we may not have thought of everything and would truly welcome any suggestions that you may have to improve and make the site what you want.

We are looking to streamline the site, and making the site easier to navigate but please, we rely on our members to assist us by advising what they feel may be missing, and what would improve your experience with the Going Together site.

We have been advised that many members did not realise that the calendar showing events can be clicked on to give further details and allows you to add to it.

Also chitchat is for every member to voice opinions and relate any ideas that you may have for future events and adventures! It has been broken down into different headings, but do not let that put you off, if you have anything you want to share, just write it on chit chat.

We do find that the facebook page is an excellent way of promoting up and coming events but please check out the Going Together site too.
We are making every effort to make the site what YOU want.