Hello Ladies

We are so pleased that you have joined our website and would like to welcome you all.  We hope that this site will give you the opportunity to link up with likeminded ladies for social activities, support and friendship.

We have had a manic time networking to promote the site and increase the membership.  It has certainly been an eventful and enjoyable time, and we are receiving lots of encouragement and support from our members.

Here are some of the things we have achieved in our first 4 weeks. You will see below, just a few of the organisation’s we are now networking with, who have endorsed our site and the purpose behind it.


Beverley 107.8 FM, The sound of East Yorkshire

We were invited by www.beverleyfm.com to introduce and promote www.goingtogether.co.uk on the Afternoon Show with John Fewings. It was a nerve wracking experience as we have never been on a radio show and certainly did not know what to expect.  Gone are the days of a DJ putting records on a turntable, as it’s all digital now, and the equipment does all the work for the presenter.  John was great, he talked us through what to expect and put us at ease and we hope you all enjoyed listening to us.  So thank you John for the time and your support…. despite being a bloke!!! (a joke that he has with us).


Beverley Races

We have also met with Kate at the Beverley Race Course, she took great interest in the site and understands our concept. We have added all the race meetings to the site so members can arrange their own meetups or come along to those organised by the Going Together team. The Beverley Racecourse has a lovely atmosphere, you can enjoy family fun at the May Day race day, glam it up at the Journals Ladies Day, or just go along with a picnic and enjoy the experience of racing. If you would like further information regarding facilities, please visit www.beverleyraces.com


East Riding Theatre

We are delighted to be associated with East Riding Theatre, based in Beverley.  We had advertised their production of Blackbird, starring Malcolm Tomlinson and Hester Arden. A meet up was advertised for Friday 12th February and seven members arranged to go and see it together. For details of further productions visit www.eastridingtheatre.co.uk


East Riding Dementia Action Alliance

We met with Emma at East Riding Dementia Action Alliance who is currently promoting an awareness project in the quest to change the way people think, talk and act about dementia. We should all try to make the effort to try and understand how our reaction to dementia affects the sufferer and their wellbeing.   Memory Cafes are held for people with Dementia, their carers and families to meet and socialise with others affected by Dementia.  For further information, you can contact Emma or the team on 01482 211255 or visit the websites www.dementiaeastriding.org.uk or www.alzheimers.org.uk. I do hope that our link with Emma helps both the organisation and some of our members too.


Cherry Tree Community Centre

We popped to the Cherry Tree Community Centre to introduce ourselves to the Centre and were overwhelmed by the support and offer of help from the Manager Joanne Ramsey.  She not only made us feel so welcome, but was so enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve and advised us of many organisations that we may want to get in touch with.  The centre is actually involved with many local community help groups including Humber Care, Ladies Group, Dementia Awareness to name just a few. It is certainly a hub of activity, the people there work hard to support their local community and are so helpful. There are nursery facilities which seemed busy and the children happy and well cared for.  We have also been offered the opportunity to use the premises in the evening or over a weekend which we are grateful for and hopefully will be looking to arrange some kind of an event or meetup there once we get the opportunity.  If there are any members who feel that we could support the centre or hold an event, please advise.   Joanne, if you get chance to read this we truly appreciate and want to thank you for all the hard work that you do for the local community.


These are just a few that we have chosen to highlight for now, but as you can see ladies, we have been busy to bring your attention to some events and introduce you to some of our supporters. We want to make this your site and we need you to do this, please do not be shy, let us know how we can help you and if we can we will, remember this site is all about you and meeting up.

Look out for new meetups that are being arranged, and don’t forget you can arrange your own meetups, and are pleased that some of you already have.  Please let us know of any events or meetups you wish us to advertise.  We need you, to help us, to source all these unique events, so we can promote and advertise it to the rest of our valued members.  If you have any feedback, comments or suggestion please tell us and we will do what we can to explore your ideas. 


Previous Meetups

Travellers Rest

Less than a week after our website launched, we had a meet up at the Travellers Rest.  We were a bit apprehensive as it was our first one and although we had all been working hard to get our message out there, we didn’t know what to expect.  When we sat down, it was only a matter of minutes before some new members had seen the meetup on our site and turned up to join us. It is as simple as that.

Book Club

Thanks to Lisa for approaching us to promote this event, that’s how simple the idea is.  I met with Jenny who has been to the book review which she thoroughly enjoyed and will be going to the next one with her friends.


We had a meet up for lunch at Sleepers on 5th February.  We met with Linda Johnson from Just Beverley magazine/website who interviewed the Going Together Team and we will feature in the next edition, which will be available at the end of February.

Forthcoming Meetups

Please check site for more details on the meetups listed below

24 February 2016 - Beverley Book Club, Tiger Inn, Beverley

1 – 6 March 2016 - Shafted, East Riding Theatre, Beverley

10 March 2016 - Argy Bargy, Duke of Cumberland, Cottingham