Happy Easter from Canada

Happy Easter Everyone from Canada. . .Latest-Happy-Easter-Pictures

I hope your spring has sunshine, flowers and birds singing!! Do your children get a long weekend from school now or is it longer? My grandsons just get the Friday and Monday off.

We do not have lovely weather. . . for the last two days, we have had snow, freezing rain and a lot of wind. The trees are covered in ice and they do look pretty but this can also do a lot of damage especially if we get more.  My car has around 2 inches of ice on it!  Guess who is NOT going out today!  Right now my son, Alex, is warming the car up so he can go out and, this is spring!  Because of this, the boys did not go to school as walking was not pleasant.

Last week was the “spring break” for the schools so I had my grandsons for the week. Little boys can be exhausting! I took them to the library on the bus (this was a big adventure) for two programmes that they really enjoyed.  I am not sure if the bus driver did because  Alexander sang “The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round” etc, during the entire time of both trips.  Hey, he was happy so I wasn’t going to stop him.  Thank goodness we had really good weather while they weaster-pictures-collectionere off.  Unfortunately for me, I ended up with pneumonia and on antibiotics/inhaler but am on the mend now.  Hopefully this is the last of our winter weather, Mother Nature.  However, she does like to give one more “kick at the can” before the month of March is over.  I am not sure if you know this saying, but if “March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion” and vice versa.  It sort of came in like a lamb (not quite) and is definitely going out like a lion!  Our only consolation is, this too will pass. . . and good weather will really come to those who wait!

Until next time, enjoy your good weather, have a wonderful Easter and enjoy all your get-togethers . . . . .


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