Dementia Action Alliance

Following a meeting with Emma, from Dementia Action Alliance we felt that it was appropriate to write and try to help support the amazing work that the team are trying to achieve.  Sadly Dementia is on the increase and affecting many, whether it is family members, friends, neighbours it is sadly becoming a significant high profile disease.

No one understands the implications or the impact that it can have on daily life for the many sufferers and carers, the worries and concerns that it can cause and the need for help and assistance from all us to try and come to terms with the condition and to support where we can.

As we go about our daily business, we take for granted the people that we see, perhaps not realising that some may be suffering the anxiety, anguish, and  fear, not quite as confident as you and just needing that reassuring smile, greeting, reassurance to give them confidence in the environment they are in. Perhaps you could help more? Please take time to visit, think about the Dementia Awareness courses available, think about how it could help you, your organisation, the place you work and most of all the sufferers of this debilitating disease.

We would like to think that our members will take the time, and hopefully support this very welcome and much needed campaign, I know on a personal level the Going Together team will be.

The Alzheimer’s Society – East Riding page:

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Become a Dementia Friend

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