Hello and thank you for looking at this website.

This site has been set up for ladies who find themselves wanting to do social activities, but at times have no one to do them with.  We meet on a regular basis, for breakfast, lunch and theatre trips, and from September 2017 we are holding a monthly Cake and Book Swap Club.  Members also arrange a variety of other social activities.

We truly hope that this site will enable ladies to make friends and do the things they want to do.  We would appreciate any feedback and if there is any way we can make the site more user friendly we will try


 Principle of How The Site Operates

  1. This site is for positive ideas and thoughts, to make this site a pleasant form of communication and enjoyable experience for all members. As the site will be closely monitored any negative responses or criticisms will be rejected.
  2. This site is for your convenience we want each member to be respected and feel valued, your ideas and thoughts will be sourced and treated with the utmost respect.
  3. This site is for ladies to communicate and socialise safely, if anyone is found to be menacing in anyway they will have their membership terminated.
  4. If any member does feel intimidated, threatened or manipulated in anyway please report as soon as possible, this problem will be resolved.
  5. All responses will be closely monitored and may not appear on the site immediately. Some may be rejected if safety, privacy, and respectfulness of other members may be compromised.
  6. If a suggestion or message is rejected please do not feel that you cannot contact the site again with other ideas, it may be that your original request is not a valid option for this site.
  7. Every effort will be made to secure your privacy and safety, to make you feel both safe and secure as a member of this site.
  8. This site depends wholly on your input and ideas, we hope that we can fulfill your criteria of options regarding things you would like to do, but please remember that it does depend on the responses from other members, do not be disappointed if you do not get a response to a request.
  9. The success of this site depends on getting as many members as we can on the site, the more members that sign up the more chance there is of pursuing an activity with someone. Please recommend this site to others.
  10. As we keep saying this site depends on you….. Please help this site to become a social lifeline for all the lovely ladies that feel isolated and would love to be able to pursue certain activities but feel they cannot due to lack of companionship.