Argy Bargy

Ode To John Fewings & Argy Bargy

John supports our site even though he is a bloke

This has become a long standing joke

Think secretly he would love to be a member

But unfortunately he cannot as is the wrong gender.

John gave us a slot to promote us on his radio show

To let us persuade lady listeners to give our site a go.

John has talent and is a man of poetic inspiration

And has entertainment nights for his creation

Argy Bargy is a night of poetic riddles, verse and fun

We would love our members to join in and go to one

So please if you a fancy a night of fun verse & poetic prose

Lets get members together and see who goes.

Hopefully it will be better than this rhyme

And we will all have, a brilliant time.

Check the site and let Going Together know

That you are interested and want to go

We will do our utmost to arrange to suit all

So it is now up to you it is totally your call.

Just notify us on site or you can e mail us too

Do it, do something different it is all down to you.

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