Carr Rescue


A family owned kennels, who for over 20 years have taken in the strays and abandoned dogs found on the streets of Hull. We provide a safe haven for all dogs that are collected by the Council’s dog wardens regardless of what type they are.


Whilst in our care every dog receives the very best in medical care, attention and TLC.  We ensure those that are not reclaimed, are cared for whilst we attempt to find them a new family.  We only ask for a small donation for our dogs, which includes your new family member being micro-chipped.  We want to ensure all dog lovers can afford to get a new four-legged family member.

To ensure your dog is safe from disease, ‘Haven Veterinary Group’ – offer a special affordable rate for your dog to be vaccinated.

Whilst we provide you with images of the dogs we have at our centre, it is important that you visit us so you can get a better idea of the dog’s temperament and your compatibility with your preferred dog.  Information about the dogs we seek homes for, are naturally vague, and are based on observations whilst the dog is in our kennels.  Many dogs find kennels stressful and consequently they do not give a good impression when you visit.  We would appreciate your understanding this, and persevering with your potential new family member.  You can take them out into our fields and gain their trust, and we can arrange for the dog to visit your home to ensure you are all compatible with each other.


We are constantly seeking new loving homes for our rescue dogs please feel free to view them in our dog’s section.  If you feel that you could provide a home for one of our dogs, you can either give us a call or pop into our centre.  No appointment is necessary for viewings.

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