East Riding Theatre : Blackbird Review

Going Together attended the performance of Blackbird starring local born actress Hester Arden as Una and Malcolm Tomlinson as Ray. However, we will not give too much away as the thought provoking play needs to be seen with an open mind, and we would challenge anyone not to be questioning their beliefs once they had seen this well written play by David Harrower, winner of the Laurence Olivier award for best new play, which was delivered convincingly by Hester & Malcolm.

Both actors showed their incredible talent and abilities of portraying each side to their unique emotional characteristics, anger, passion, deceit, jealousy, love, guilt, fear and innocence the list goes on, and watching could feel a little uncomfortable at times as they convinced the audience of their part within the given situation, both looking back at the past and to the here and now. Questions being answered that they had both carried in their minds for over fifteen years without rehearsal, reflection of how they coped and how they had tried to recover, and their feelings now.

We would challenge anyone not to come away without questioning their own beliefs, and be concerned as to why their own ideals are being challenged. The play is being made into a film Una, which I think will capture a wider audience. A subject matter that most people would find disturbing, dramatically rewrites any prejudice that you may not believe you have.

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