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Potts of Flemingate Beverley By Maggie Thompson

Paul Laidlaw

Andy Emery (left) owner of Potts of Flemingate and Paul Laidlaw (right) TV antiques expert

April the 1st, you always feel that something is going to happen . . . . generally something that turns into a joke.

1st April 2016 just created a bizarre, but at the same time delightful afternoon at the courtesy of Andrew Emery of Potts Of Flemingate. I was out walking with my friend Pauline, as we headed down Flemingate we pass Potts.  I had never in all the time I have lived in Beverley visited the shop so suggested we pop in have a look, quirky, kitch, springs to mind, we both tried to get to grips with what it offered.  What it does offer is a unique quirkiness that can be quite bewildering at first, there is such a mixture of styles, decades, art it is hard to take in at first glance you would be forgiven for being dismissive, but take your time and some of the items are certainly of interest and intrigue.

Andrew Emery the proprietor introduced himself, and then announced that he was expecting a BBC film crew with Paul Laidlow for Antiques Road Trip show at 3pm, as it was 3.10pm they were definitely late! Andrew though took great delight in showing us his premises, he does serve coffee and drinks, and is also a bed and breakfast establishment. We were totally fascinated, and embroiled with the whole set up. Upon discussion Andrew went on to show us cuttings of articles that he has written and had published in local newspapers.  So after persuading him to share some of them with our site, we left.  It was 3.30pm and the Antiques Road trip crew hadn’t arrived, but we left feeling totally bewildered at what the last 20 minutes and our first visit to Potts had accomplished! Joke no, fun . . . . . yes!

Well Andrew has written a blog about the Filming for the show, and we are definitely going back to have a coffee . . . . . Why it has taken so long to visit I will never know, and to anyone out there who loves quirky it is worth a visit and if you don’t do quirky it is still worth a visit just for the experience!

Potts of Flemingate Beverley By Andrew Emery

When Scottish TV phoned me up saying the Antiques Road Trip wanted to film at my antiques shop and art gallery in Flemingate, I said “It is only me you know, I’m just a one man band of a business, when are you thinking of coming?” “April the 1st”; came the reply. It was a Scottish accent and although I know a few Scottish people, I felt that I knew none of them well enough to conduct such an elaborate hoax. But with my slightly paranoid and over active imagination, I still thought it may be a hoax. A few days later, I was phoned by the same person asking if I would take delivery of an hire car for when TV antiques expert Paul Laidlaw, had finished shooting at my location. Yes I thought, if this is an April Fool they really are laying it on thick now. Not until the morning of April 1st, when the keys to the hire car were firmly in my grasp was I convinced. Little old me had been chosen as a subject for National TV tea time viewing. They arrived around 3pm and stayed for a few hours and the crew were professional in every way. As for Paul…….. well, just a really nice chap.

By Andy Emery

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