The Aim of Going Together

The Aim of Going Together

Ladies, this is a new type of social web site developed and being created especially for you, with you in mind. We are hoping that you will sign up and help gain support as well as support other likeminded ladies, to do and achieve the things in life that may seem impossible on your own. You may have hundreds of friends and acquaintances, you may not have the friendships that you desire, but you are just one click away to becoming part of a unique concept.  We are trying to connect you to someone who wants to take part in an activity that you want to do.  No matter how small, it could be a walk, meeting for coffee, going for lunch to sports activities, theatre, or supporting someone on a weight loss journey.  It is whatever you long to do an activity you wish you could introduce into your life but have no one to accompany you, or do it with.

This site depends on you to make it a success and help others to achieve their aims.  The membership is free and we will monitor the site and help you to achieve the things in life that are missing, and hope that you will support others and help them achieve their wishes.

We appreciate that it is difficult to do things alone, this is why we have developed this site.  We can all become frustrated at things that we wish we could do, but have no one to do it with.  We also know only too well how hard it is to try and break the cycle of doing nothing about it as there seems to be no other option…. Until now!

Please sign up today, make a difference to your life and remember you are not only making a difference to yours, you will be making a difference to someone else.

We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you may have regarding the site.  This site is for you, to do the things you want to do.  We will do everything we can to make it the site that you want to come back to and be part of the creation.

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